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When Min Toto was Away
February 19, 2021 Lifestyle Kevin Menya

One of the things that I always missed ever since my girlfriend and I decided to move in together was solitude. Those who know me personally know that I’m an introvert and only mingle with a small circle of people. Solitude is golden. You get to think about issues critically and are able to develop

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Running Successful Online Trainings
December 30, 2020 Lifestyle, Technology Kevin Menya

The rapid evolution of technology allows for allows for the accomplishment of numerous tasks that do not require physical meeting between the parties involved. Imagine what it’ll be like in the next 15 years. I can imagine most things going virtual and contact-less. I imagine me doing away with bulky hardware and switching between options

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Finally Moving Out? Here’s What You Need
December 4, 2020 Lifestyle Kevin Menya

There comes a point in life when change is inevitable. If you’re a typical African like me then you know that there automatically comes some stage in your life when you have to move out of your parents’ or guardian’s nest and start out on your own. Failed relationships and marriages are also a great

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I need a Website
November 6, 2020 Technology Kevin Menya

You’ve just started your business, or it’s been there for some time and wondering how to have your own website. Perhaps you are an artist, writer, or generally you are a brand on your own and wonder whether you need to have your own website and how to go about it. In this piece I

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Paying for Creative Works
October 20, 2020 Lifestyle Kevin Menya

How many times have you heard of the phrase “Money makes the world go round”? How often, or have you ever paid for creative content? With the ever-increasing penetration of the Internet in Kenya, most creatives have come to appreciate the convenience it delivers. Consumers too are enjoying a wide variety of content with minimal

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Moving House in Nairobi
October 1, 2020 Lifestyle Kevin Menya

I hate having to move houses. I am that kind of person who will (assuming I can comfortably afford the rent) live in a house for at least five years. After five years I assume it’s best for any considerate individual(s) to give their money to someone else so as to ensure the money properly

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