Looking for affordable web design services in Kenya? Contact Dida Solutions for clean, professional and catchy website for your organization/business. In addition we do offer web hosting and domain name services at reasonable rates. We charge KSH 25,000 for a basic website, but this largely depends on your specifications and budget.

Marketing is one tedious, expensive and time-consuming activity that every business enterprise or individuals must undertake in order to stay in business. One needs to acquire new clientele as well as ensure that they fully satisfy and maintain the clients they have already got. One way of marketing is through the use of a website, where Dida Solutions steps in.

Let’s take a typical business entity that officially opens at 0800hrs in the morning and closes at 1730hrs in the evening on a weekday; and on Saturday only opens between 0900hrs and 1300hrs. Well, someone will reason that actually that’s the time when most customers go seeking for your products or services. That’s correct, but not full-proof!

Did you know that any serious business not only allows people who want to buy, but also for those who are sight-seeing (window shoppers). This is because it is less likely for a stranger to walk into your business premises and purchase your product or service without having some prior info about your dealings. This is where you need a website to speak on your behalf. A presentable, easy-to-navigate and well documented website will be accessible globally 24 hours a day; 365 days a year will provide a potential client or partner will all the information they need about you and your business. This will include your business activities, products and services, your contacts and any other information that you deem the public ought to know.

In short, here are just a few reasons why you need a website for yourself or your business:

  • To reach more clients, followers, donors or partners far beyond your area of operation
  • A website puts you, your organization, group or business online 24/7; 365 days a year
  • Helps build and uphold confidence in your business / organization
  • Reduces expenses and time used in getting into contact with clients and potential clients

Dida solutions does prefer and use Content management Systems (CMS) to develop and manage websites. This ensures that the websites are delivered in a timely manner, and also makes the client (website owner) to be able to easily manage their own websites with little or no background knowledge in web design. You are also guaranteed free weekly website updates for the first one month.

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